The Divorcées Present: Cruisin' 

 Join Daniel, Kevin, and Katie as they burn through their 20's working aboard the HMS Encounter. Tune in as they navigate a sea of sunburnt passengers, tightly wound bosses, and a hollowed-out coconut full of disastrous surprises.

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Episode 5: You've Got a Gift.

Daniel’s dream comes true when his “talents" are recognized by a group of underground filmmakers and he finally gets the opportunity to break out of his mundane job at the gift shop. Elsewhere on the ship, a sewage backup threatens disaster in the formal dining room, and Katie finds a way to game the system.


Episode 4: I've Been Trying to Text You

When Kevin cheats on his ghost girlfriend, he learns the hard way that she's not the type to forgive and forget. Meanwhile, the maids are abuzz with rumors that a celebrity might be on board, a fire in the ship's sub sandwich shop threatens to derail lunch plans, and two kids wreak havoc in the arcade.


Episode 3: Where's Your Boyfriend?

When Katie’s Mom pays a visit, it’s anybody’s guess how long her bikini top will stay up. And how long Katie will keep her sanity. The esteemed Captain Klaus gives a tour of the ship that exposes some less-than-friendly working conditions in the boiler room, and a group of Australian death metal musicians finally see their dreams of stardom coming true.


Episode 2: A Small Dog!

Daniel faces an existential crisis at work, the HMS Encounter is overrun by rabid dogs, and Kevin finally finds love... sort of.


Pilot: Hello, I'm right here...

Meet Daniel, Kevin, and Katie: three twenty-somethings wasting the prime of their lives working aboard the HMS Encounter. In the inaugural episode of Cruisin,' one of skaters in the ice show plays politics to land her dream role, Kevin finds himself in the middle of a marital spat, and the high prices in the gift shop inspire hostility from some of the ship's passengers.